6th Apr 2015

Medicaid Medicaid is a state-administered program that is partially federally funded which provides health care for individuals and families with low income and resources. North Caro­lina has adopted an asset based test for Medicaid. The ACA mandated an expansion of … more

30th Mar 2015

Losing one’s health insurance is a “life qualifying event” for special enrollment. However, losing one’s job is not. Given that most of workers’ compensation clients are required to resign as a condition of settlement, they would then be eli­gible to … more

16th Mar 2015

Individuals may apply for federal subsidies to lower health insurance costs on plans available through the Marketplace. These subsidies take the form of 1) Cost-Sharing Reductions and 2) Advanced Premium Tax Credits. People may qualify for subsidies if their household … more

2nd Mar 2015

Unless your attorney advises you otherwise, you should only give a recorded statement in the presence of your attorney. Even after a serious accident, the adjuster may try to get a recorded statement from you the same day as your … more